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Professional bodybuilding

March 22nd, 2014
professional bodybuilding or pro bodybuilding is bodybuilding
professional bodybuilding
for an income, or keep qualifications much as an International Federation of BodyBuilders
professional bodybuilding
"Pro Card".
In 1946, Joe Weider
professional bodybuilding
and Ben Weider
professional bodybuilding
perform the International Federation of BodyBuilders
professional bodybuilding
, characterized as the IFBB. concomitant on in 1965, Joe Weider gone on to be the archetypal IFBB nonrecreational competition – the Mr. Olympia
professional bodybuilding
. Originally, the Mr. Universe was characterized as the most prestigious and elite of competitions, nevertheless an individual could only win this contest twice, whereas the Olympia was perform to be won on as galore times as possible. The IFBB and the Olympia be perform as a way for elite nonprofessional athletes to further their competitive career and to earn money. In 1966, Larry Scott
professional bodybuilding
received $1,000 for his Mr. Olympia win. In 2006, there were over 40 IFBB professional competitions and the total prize money topped 1.6 million dollars.